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Yellowcard – Paper Walls Out July 17th, 2007.

Track Listing:

01) The Takedown
02) Fighting
03) Shrink The World
04) Keeper
05) Light Up The Sky
06) Shadows And Regrets
07) Five Becomes Four
08) Afraid
09) Date Line (I Am Gone)
10) Dear Bobbie
11) You And Me And One Spotlight
12) Cut Me, Mick
13) Paper Walls

Paper Walls has an Ocean Avenue feel with its fast upbeat drumming and catchy hooks. A lot of people like when a band comes out with an album that has the same sound as a previous album, while others would rather have them create something that doesn’t sound anything like the band’s previous work. Paper Walls will have some haters saying that it sounds too much like Ocean Avenue, yet it will have a lot of people wanting more because this is the Yellowcard sound that they have grown to love!

The first three songs, Takedown, Fighting, and Shrink the World, are all solid songs. Shrink the World is an awesome song that starts out with some clean guitar and the chorus “If I could then I would shrink the world tonight, so that I would find you and me inside.” It’s pretty easy to sing along with that chorus and this song is one of my favorites on the disc.

Now that I gave you a few good songs, let’s talk about a song that I think is rather boring. Light up the Sky doesn’t really do it for me. The chorus is overplayed for a chorus that isn’t that great and I am not a big fan of the lyrics, “I would die for you.” That line was good for the Bryan Adams song, “Everything I Do, I Do it For You,” that was used in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, but I am sick of hearing “I would die for you.” The background music doesn’t get me too interested in the song either. The only cool part in my opinion is the drumming part at about 2:40. Their drummer Longineu Parsons’ creativity really makes this album what it is.

Shadows and Regrets is a song that is definitely worth mentioning. The song starts out with some acoustic guitar and then at about 1:00 drums come in and they really make this song for me. Just the sound that they have with the acoustic guitar playing and Ryan’s voice really makes this one a top 3 favorite of mine. The violin can be heard and it has a very nice feel to it because it is a slower song and we get to hear some slow violin instead of the speedy violin parts that we are used to hearing. Oh yeah, did I mention that it has a really catchy chorus?

The next song Five Becomes Four is a song that really reminds me of a song off of Ocean Avenue. It has the speedy violin that I just discussed above and the fast drumming. The song, Afraid, has a really neat violin part during the chorus which really makes this chorus a full package. It isn’t the catchiest chorus but it has the violin in the background that grabs your attention.

Dear Bobbie is a slow acoustic song that starts out with a letter that is read with background music playing. The song is pretty emotional and it actually reminds me of Hawk Nelson. I know you are probably questioning this, but once you hear the song, let me know if you hear any Hawk Nelson in it. I think it might be how Ryan pronounces his lyrics in the song.

Paper Walls comes to a close with the title track, which starts out with an acoustic guitar and a children’s choir. Quickly after the choir ends, some heavy guitar, rocking drums, and a quick violin sound begin Paper Walls. The beginning lyrics are probably my favorite part of the song. “Let’s burn a hole so we can climb out of these paper walls and this empty house” are the lyrics that I speak of. Overall this last song isn’t too bad. I think that they could have had a better closure song but I can’t complain. Ryan Key’s vocals are so perfect for Pop Punk. Like him or not, the guy’s got talent.

The one last thing that I have to say is the choruses are catchy to me the first listen. A lot of times when a chorus is catchy the first time, the song gets old after a few listens. I like songs that grow on me and usually the songs that do grow are the ones that have lasting listening power. This should certainly not stop you from buying this album, but you have to take that into consideration, if you have the same outlook on a song as I do.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out to hear some new tracks from the album. Paper Walls hits stores on July 17 on Capitol Records!

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Posted on June 21, 2007

I think you have a pretty solid review, however, I think some of these songs (Afraid, especially) sound more like One For The Kids than Ocean Avenue. This album, in my opinion, is their most solid yet, and has a great variety. I love it already.

Paper Walls, the new 2007 album from Yellowcard, in my opinion was absolutely amazing. Ive had it for a couple of days now and basically take it with me everywhere. The track Shadows and Regrets is probably my favorite, followed by Keeper, and then other songs such as Afraid, Five becomes Four (which im pretty sure is about the former guitarist, Ben Harper) and I also agree that Light Up the Sky isnt exactly broing for me….but it could use some chageup in the chorus and the bridge. Keepers verse is incredibly catchy, and although i havnt heard the last 2 tracks, Cut me Mick and Paper Walls, I’m sure they’re great. Thanks for the Reivew!

Posted on June 27, 2007

I have had the album since it leaked (June 23, I believe) I love the songs, but I have been reading a lot about the album and I read that someone said its the best album since Brand New’s “The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me.” Thats quite the lofty comparrison or whatever because that record STUNNED me. Whats my point? This cd stuns me in a different way. As a whole, the cd doesn’t seem as cohesive as Brand New’s latest effort, but I don’t know, maybe there are too many rules to rock and roll that people have made up over the years. Who says the cd has to be cohesive? It just seems like a lot of big people in rock are making a big deal out of when a record sticks with itself. What this record says to me is that Yellowcard is a band who doesn’t care about the “rules of rock.” This record is a record of good fucking songs, not a record that is an art project made by pompous pricks that needs to be listened start to finish. You can turn on track 3 and then turn it off, and get the point, which is that Yellowcard can write good fucking songs, put them on a cd, and find an audience of many.

Posted on July 18, 2007

this is an amazing album,and they were awsome at warped tour.UNDERDOGS!!

Posted on August 14, 2007

I agree with everything said except for the Nelson Hawk thing simply because I don’t know who he is. I did notice that Ryan sounded different in Dear Bobbie. I’m not too crazy for that song as well as light up the sky lyrics.But I wish there were none to that song. It’s classic and foo fighter-ish all by itself. I skip it. The worst thing about skipping songs though for me is that every time I do the song plays in my head first. Shrink the world is addictive, but I had fighting on my page. I knew there was a children’s choir. All boys? Their voices are purest at a young age. I think D major is their favorite key because many of their songs are in it. Underdogs go! ha, Jamie.

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