The Track Record EP Review

Posted by Corey in Reviews | 04.21.2006 at 11:32 am

the track record ep

The Track Record – Self Titled EP on Rushmore Records.

1. Plans to Wake Up on the Beach
2. Talk Radio
3. Golden
4. Winters Run
5. Letters to Summer

If you haven’t heard of The Track Record yet, you probably will when they release their debut full length. If it is anything like the EP, it will be great.

Now don’t get me wrong here, because I love Pop Punk or Pop Rock music, but these guys do sound like some of your typical Pop music. That isn’t really a bad thing though.

The first track on the EP is titled “Plans to Wake Up on the Beach.” It starts out with a quick intro and then the vocals come in, which really pulls you into the song. The song has a great meaning, by the sounds of the lyrics, and it is a great song to rock out to. The drummer for this band is something very special. He can really come up with some unique drumming and is just simply amazing!

The second track is titled “Talk Radio” which is featured on many compilations that were released on Rushmore/Drive Thru. If you heard any songs by The Track Record, you most likely heard “Talk Radio.” The song starts out with some bass and quickly coming in are the crunchy guitars. The vocals come in with almost a whispering sense and then with a little pause Michael shouts out “that we swear this never happened.” He puts so much emotion into his singing. Every song is sung with passion. The only bad part about his singing is that sometimes you have a rough time understanding what he is saying.

The next two tracks are decent songs. The choruses are pretty catchy on each track. All of their songs have the same distinct sound, so you can usually tell when The Track Record is playing in the CD player.

The stand out track for me was the 5th track, “Letters to Summer.” The song starts out with some relaxing guitar and then the song takes off. The guitars sound pretty powerful in this song and the drumming is very cool. Everything pauses but a guitar, and then the vocals come in. The lyrics for this song are very good! The chorus is catchy and the vocals are the best on this track. The little interlude at about 2:24 gives you a break from the fast paced song. The ending lyrics are, “I just can’t let you go,” and then the guitars send you home.

The production for the EP is pretty bad though. The guitars sound like they are fizzled out and the drums are a little loud.

A plus about this album is the lyrics. They aren’t childish at all. They are very well written and you can relate to each of the 5 tracks in your own way.


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I was just thinking about these guys and had to start playing “Letters to Summer” because it’s awesome!

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