A Coastline Ending In The Name of Progression Album Review

Posted by Corey in Reviews | 06.29.2008 at 3:39 pm

If you liked the three new songs from A Coastline Ending, and want to hear more, they have something just for you…

a coastline ending in the name of progression

But you have to wait till 7/15/08 to get it! Their 10-song debut alum, In The Name of Progression, is due out 7/15/08 on Not Alone Records.

If you haven’t heard of A Coastline Ending, check them out, especially if you’re a fan of Saosin, Anberlin, and/or Circa Survive.

Track Listing:

1. Made By Machine (Fast Track to Nowhere)
2. Breakdown
3. First Impression
4. Subconscious Walls
5. Face The Music
6. So Many Faces
7. Brave The Tide
8. Acrobat
9. In The Name Of Progression
10. On Sacred Wings

This debut album from A Coastline Ending was produced by Chris Badami (The Early November, Midtown, The Starting Line.)

After the first listen, A Coastline Ending had a similar sound to From First to Last’s earlier stuff. Their lead vocalist could remind you of Sonny on some occasions. They aren’t as hard as FFTL’s stuff, but they have some similarities in my opinion.

Their sound is pretty unique though. The band goes from piano to rocking guitar riffs, which is a nice change. You hear this in “First Impression”. The CD has 10 songs on it and one of the standout tracks, after a few listens, would have to be “Face the Music”. This song has some catchy melodies, which I’m a sucker for.

Another cool track on this CD, which was one that made me think of FFTL’s song “Emily”, is “So Many Faces”. The song has passionate vocals, bongos, and some nice smooth acoustic guitaring.

My third favorite, which is really close to being my second, would have to be “Brave the Tide”. The song has such a catchy chorus that I can hear a crowd singing at a live show. It’d definitely be a fun one live!

Overall, this CD isn’t anything groundbreaking but has some decent songs on it. The CD street date is 7.15.08. It’s worth checking out and I wouldn’t mind coming back to these guys in the future and seeing what they come up with.

Thanks for reading and visit A Coastline Ending .com or www.myspace.com/ACoastlineEnding to read more about these guys and to hear some of their songs.

Or pre-order at SmartPunk and get a free autographed poster.

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Posted on June 29, 2008

I agree with most of this. It’s just a very good, solid CD that I have listened to a few times and will keep playing it. I’m not in love with it, but I liked all 10 songs quite a bit and kept repeating the album for a few hours, so I definitely enjoyed it!

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