This is the page you’ve been waiting for! It will explain how to go about getting coverage on, and also tell you a few things that won’t work.

First off, let me say that it is not easy to get on Right now we’re starting off small and have already spent lots of money, so we won’t be traveling around the country to meet up with bands and interview them.

Also, we aren’t going to be doing interviews and then writing them on the site – if you want to read interviews or album reviews, just check out or one of the many other sites that have that stuff.

So, if you want on the site…

1. Send us an email, a press kit, your EP, something. A MySpace message saying “yo, you should interview us” and nothing else probably won’t work.

2. Tour through the North East USA.

3. Get lucky and have someone from available to meet you at a show or recording studio or whatever.

For now, that’s a pretty accurate description of what you need to do to get on the site! Also, if you are a very young band with no stories, talent, or experience, we probably won’t interview you – yet. And if you are a big band like U2, you don’t really need to be on this site.

Some things we like…

We don’t charge for coverage on the site, but there are other things you can do for us. For example, get us free entry into your shows, a free CD, or some autographed merch we can give away in a contest on the site.

Also, if we have an interview with your band – please link to it from your website, Myspace page, and/or PureVolume page!

Bands we have interviewed like Socratic, I Am The Pilot, Royden, and The Sleeping are perfect bands for the concept of this site. Bands that are popular but not widely known around the world. Although we have an old interview with Taking Back Sunday, you don’t need to be that popular!