Can’t get enough Spitalfield? Then check out all the cool stuff in this B-side of our Spitalfield video interview:

Spitalfield (Video) Interview 8/22/2006

Posted by Levi | 08.26.2006

Spitalfield was in town the same night as Valencia, and we interviewed them too.

Part I:

Part II:

(transcript coming soon)

Valencia (Video) Interview 8/22/2006

Posted by Levi | 08.24.2006

Here’s the video of our interview with Valencia on August 22nd:

(Transcript coming soon.)

Adelphi (Video) Interview

Posted by Levi | 08.16.2006

To finish up our latest group of interviews, I’m proud to present our interview with Adelphi. These guys are great:

(Transcript coming soon.)

Morning For The Masses (Video) Interview

Posted by Levi | 08.13.2006

One of our interviews from August 4th was Morning For The Masses, who made their way up from Baltimore.

Video Interview Part I:

Video Interview Part II:

Transcript coming soon…

Gatsby Gets The Green Light (Video) Interview

Posted by Levi | 08.12.2006

We spoke to the members of Gatsby Gets The Green Light on August 4th, and as usual, we captured it all on video.

Part I:

Part II:

(Transcript coming soon.)

The Killing Moon (Video) Interview 7/30/2006

Posted by Levi | 08.09.2006

Last week we also interviewed The Killing Moon when they stopped by.

(Transcript coming soon.)

The Prize Fight (Video) Interview 7/30/2006

Posted by Levi | 08.09.2006

We interviewed The Prize Fight after their show here in Altoona, PA.

(Transcript coming soon.)

The Spotlight (Video) Interview

Posted by Levi | 08.07.2006

Here’s an interview we did with Robbie and Mike from The Spotlight.

(Transcript coming soon.)

Royden (Video) Interview 7/8/2006

Posted by Levi | 07.17.2006

If you have been eagerly awaiting the Royden interview, today is your lucky day! The interview is online and you can check it out from the interviews page.

It’s a really good interview. Here is just a sample of what you will find out: the true story of how they got together, what they would be doing if they weren’t in the band, and Justin’s personal cell phone number!

Check it out!

[Video and transcript will be posted here soon.]

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