Would you like to advertise on this site?

There are a few different ways to do that.

1. Buy a banner spot
2. Sponsor a contest
3. Have your ad displayed in our videos
4. Buy the “Featured Interview” spot for your band

Banner Advertising:
Currently we offer a range of sizes available in the right sidebar, footer area, and in individual posts. Right now you can purchase a banner spot at our introductory rate of just $10 per month!

You may co-sponsor a contest with InsidePunk.com. This involves donating some sort of prize. In return, your product will be seen when InsidePunk advertises the contest to websites visitors.

Example items could include autographed CDs and posters, t-shirts, or tickets to a show.

Video Ads
If you want to get high-tech and provide us with a short video clip, we may add it to one of our interviews. We have not started this yet, but we may if the interest is there.

Featured Interviews
This is how to get your band to stand out on this site. By listing your band as the featured interview, a link to your interview will be displayed on every page of the site.

How much? Here’s the deal – You link to our site, tell people about us, or give us some free merch… and you get a spot. Available on a first come, first served basis. [Note that this is not available at the moment.]

If you want to advertise, please send an email to Levi to work something out.

Get some good rates before the site gets huge!